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The Constipated Goldfish and the CAT Doppler go Viral

The story of the Goldfish and the CAT Doppler was an interesting way to start the New Year 2015, as the story from Toll Barn Vet hit the headlines. It seems the local paper called Toll Barn asking about their 1st year in business and then ran a highlight article, including the Goldfish.
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Polly put the Pulse Oximeter on Part 1

1993, I have owned a real company for about a week and suddenly the phone is ringing! Shocked I answer..”Thames Medical how can I help you?”

“I understand you can help me monitor a patient…who isn’t human” said the voice on the other end. Continue reading

The Lion, The Dentist and The Pulse Oximeter

“Would your device work on one of my patients?”, the gentleman sitting next to me asked.

The year 1987, the place a British Dental Association meeting somewhere in London. Continue reading