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VM-2500-MG Multigas Anaesthetic Agent / Sp02 / Capnograph Monitor

High performance and versatile anaesthetic agent monitoring with capnography and SpO2

The ultra-compact, light and easy to handle design of the Capnograph Multigas Monitor is the perfect flexible and mobile monitor for identifying and quantifying the five most important anaesthetic agents as well as other gases and parameters.

Automatically identifies and measures:

  • Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane
  • N2O
  • etCO2, FiCO2
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Respiration and Pulse Rate

By direct mainstream measurement, there is no monitoring time delay. Low dead space... less than 1ml. Lightweight sensor, less than 25 gms means no drag on breathing circuits.

Key Features of the VM-2500-MG:

  • Innovative micro-optic technology
  • Direct mainstream measurement without time delay
  • Compact, robust and ultra-light multigas analyser
  • Warm-up time: < 1 minute to full specification
  • Maintenance and calibration-free technology
  • Self-explanatory, ergonomic operating functions facilitate intuitive operation
  • The Colour OLED information display, as well as the simple information structure - support quick decisions and a rapid user reaction in critical situations
  • Leading-edge power management with standard alkaline batteries or Li-Poly batteries or medical power supply (or combined)

Screen Display Options:

Screen displayScreen DisplayScreenOptions

Multi Trend -
15 minutes

Numerical 1 Anaesthetic Agent

Standard 1
Anaesthetic Agent

Standard 2
Anaesthetic Agents


Standard Package:

  • Capnograph Multigas Monitor
  • IRMATM AX+ analyser
  • IRMATM Airway adapter (Small and Large)
  • Reusable SpO2 sensor*
  • USB data cable
  • Power supply (FW7660M/06)
  • Power supply plugs (UK and EU)
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • 1 x Li-Poly battery (CT-2500)
  • Silicone protective cover
  • PC software
  • Instruction manual on CD
VideoClick here for Capnography videos

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VM-2500-MG Multigas Anaesthetic Agent / Sp02 / Capnograph Monitor



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