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HeartScreen 60-G VET

With international award winning design and technical parameters, the HeartScreen 60G-VET holds its own in the veterinary practice. The created record is on par with the highest hospital requirements. Prior to record storage the user can verify the quality of all ECG curves, electrode conformance and set the required lead combinations on the built-in single channel LCD. The species dependent pulse detector makes more exact heart frequency detection possible. Starting programs and main operating modes can be accessed directly from the keyboard, while the logical menu system perfectly fits user requirements. Connected to a PC the records can be stored on the computer, and all the needs are fulfilled with the control of all ECG functions from the PC and the on-screen ECG signal monitoring.

Standard ECG for animals with oximetry

  • 3-channel ECG recording and storage
  • Optional oximeter function
  • Graphic LCD for single-channel monitoring
  • Species dependent QRS detector
  • Reliable high-resolution 3 channel thermal printer
  • ECG record storage
  • Mains and battery operating mode
  • Intelligent quick-charger
  • Portable and handy
  • Menu controlled functions
  • PC connection ready
  • Optional InnoVet ECG database management program for archiving ECG curves and on-line 3 channel monitoring features on the PC
  • Complete ECG user-interface on the PC3-channel monitoring and storage on PC
  • Printing on A4 size paper

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HeartScreen 60-G VET



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