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'UYB' Rectal / Cloacal Sensor / Conscious Monitoring Transflectance Reflectance Sensor

UYB Custom-built Rectal/Cloacal Sensor( transflectance, reflectancesensor/probe), available for: VM-2160; VM-2500; Innocare-Vet Conscious monitoring

UYP sensor size against a ballpoint pen

Easy to use and versatile the UYB brings an addition element to your clinical consult.

Bronchitis? Asthma? Measure the effect of your treatment by tracking the patients SpO2 easily, quickly, cleanly.

Simply cover the sensor and pop it in, or if you don't want to insert it, lay it on (reptiles excepted, they filter the Infra Red)

The UYB can also be used in a wide range of sites, the rules are: well perfused capillary bed, minimal pigmentation and accessible and with the UYB every site is accessible... nasal passage, ear canal, gum/lip margin, between the toes and of course Cloaca and rectum. Sometimes called a reflectance sensor sometimes called a transflectance sensor, it makes no difference the UYB is simply, the most versatile oximetry sensor available today.UYB Sensor

VideoClick here for UYB transflectance, reflectance sensor videos

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'UYB' Rectal / Cloacal Sensor / Conscious Monitoring Transflectance Reflectance Sensor



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