CAT+ Doppler (with Flat probe)


Meets the requirements for ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation.

This small easy to use flat probe doppler is the heart of the CAT+ Blood Pressure kit, but you don’t have to have a whole kit to benefit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics many of our clients simply tape the CAT+ on and listen to their patients pulse during anaesthesia.

Buy one today – receive it tomorrow shipped straight from our factory in Wales or our offices in Worthing.

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You can quietly listen to the quality and rhythm of your patients pulse not a harsh ‘beep beep’ but the reassuring natural sound of ‘whoosh whoosh’!.

Features of the CAT+ Doppler are:

  • Small unobtrusive unit
  • High sensitivity flat probe, perfect to easily find small veins and arteries
  • Easy clean sealed probe
  • Easy to adjust volume control makes listening pleasant
  • Headphones socket for those times you only want you to hear
  • 3 year warranty (1 year probe)
  • Also available with battery recharger kit

Why choose the CAT+ Doppler
Whether measuring blood pressure in a clinic, in theatre or simply as a pulse quality monitor, the CAT+ gives you:

  • Improved patient safety
  • The reassurance to prescribe
  • An ability to track the efficacy of treatment
  • Helps improve clients compliance They can see the effect of your treatment
  • Helps generate profits either as part of an ongoing screening program or as part of an anaesthetic fee



Frequency: 8 MHz continuous wave
Transducer: 2 crystal narrow beam
Power Output: < 10mW/cm_ SATA
Audio Response: 300Hz – 4 KHz
Velocity processing: 300Hz to 7KHz

Unit Controls:

Keys: 1 Keys (for unit on / off.)
Controls: Rotary volume
Indicators: Battery Low LED

Power Supply:

Battery: MN1604 (PP3) 9V Alkaline Manganese
Expected battery life: > 9 hours of use


Headset: Audio output to optional headset.
Recorder: 1mV/V waveform output


Material: ABS / Noryl
Size: 150mm by 75mm
Weight: Less than 295g


Classification: Class 1 Type B – IEC 60601-1


Who better to learn from than the designer of the UK’s leading Doppler BP system the CAT+?

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Part Exchange

This Product is now eligible for our part-exchange program! If you have any old BP machine you would like to replace, you could get £100 off the price of a new CAT+ or DOG+ doppler or full kit.! Only applies to orders placed over the telephone on 01903 522 911.



“It’s a softer more natural sound than the electronic beep of a monitor but tells you so much about the patient’s quality of pulse” – Kathryn, Referral Centre, West Midlands

“Suddenly the whoosh whoosh changed the Doppler was only on quietly but everyone heard the change, even the surgeon!” – Fiona Vet Hospital, Wiltshire.

“At first we thought the probe was to big, but found that it is perfect to either hold or tape on” – Tina , Hospital, Cheshire