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Do you want us to supply your product?

We are approached every day by companies and people wishing us to supply their products to our clients. We are continually offered best price and best quality.

Thames Medical has been operating for 20 years, we do not advertise, we do not employ sales people. We provide old fashioned no nonsense honest service and continually seek to improve quality where we can, by working with the clients who trust us and invest in us.

The reason you wish to do business with us in our market is because we opened that door all those years ago for you.

What do we look for from our suppliers?

We look for what is important to Thames Medical:

  • Trust
  • Continuity
  • Developing long term relationships/partnerships (Clients and suppliers)
  • Value for money
  • Ongoing support, we only sell what we can service and support
  • Quality
  • A desire and ability to make changes where advised

Our priorities

  • Improving animal welfare
  • Supporting our clients, people who invest their money in our beliefs and skills
  • Active communication to develop new ideas
  • An ability to service and support everything we sell

Are you open to long term two way business relationships?
Are you prepared to make beneficial changes to develop your equipment?
Do you have a continuity of staff, ie. the staff members not changing every year?
Can you can communicate in English?

If you can sincerely answer yes to the above, email me - I have an open mind!