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CAT+ and DOG+ Blood Pressure Monitor videos

Troubleshooting the CAT+ Doppler
This video will help you identify when the batteries of your CAT+ Doppler need to be changed. Click here to buy this product
Blood Pressure Measurement
The nurses measure a cats blood pressure using a doppler probe.Click here to buy this product
Cats get high blood pressure too
This machine produced by Thames Medical uses the Doppler system to accurately measure your cats blood pressure. Click here to buy this product
Doppler Blood Pressure... easy... look no hands
Buster the cat wanted to stay in his box so using the CAT Doppler we took his blood pressure without disturbing him.Click here to buy this product
Monitoring a Guinea Pig with the CAT Doppler
Monitoring a Guinea Pig at Royal Veterinary College using a CAT Doppler and amplified speakers.Click here to buy this product
Use the CAT Doppler in 1 minute!
See the CAT Doppler being used to take a Cat's blood pressure in 1 minute!Click here to buy this product
Taking a Cats Blood Pressure
Taking a Cats blood pressure with a CAT doppler listen to the pulse sounds appear just below 100mmHg....and the phone ringing!!Click here to buy this product