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UYB Transflectance, reflectance sensor videos

New UYB Oximetry Sensor set up
New 30% smaller UYB Oximetry Sensor set up. Internal and external use only 6mm diameter.Click here to buy this product
UYB Sensor set up and test
UYB oximetry conscious monitoring oximetry sensor set up and test, from gum margin. It is not essential to put the UYB "Up Your Bum"! Any well perfused capilliary bed with minimal colouration will do. Click here to buy this product
UYB Rectal Cloacal Sensor Demonstration
Demonstration of our new, custom-built Rectal/Cloacal sensor. The sensor is available for all our monitoring range.Click here to buy this product
UYB Sensor alternative site. Conscious Oximetry.. Dog
The UYB Sensor is a multi site transflectance sensor it doesn't need to be inserted. Find a well perfused capillary bed with minimal pigmentation and away it goes.Click here to buy this product
Conscious Pulse Oximetry monitoring in the consult with UYB Rectal / Cloacal Sensor
How to quickly and effectively monitor an animal consciously using the Thames Medical UYB pulse oximetry sensor and the Viamed VM-2500VClick here to buy this product