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Mike Brampton - Managing Director

Since 2005 Mike has regularly lectured at Cambridge University and Nottingham University Veterinary Schools on Blood Pressure and Anaesthesia application and monitoring techniques, and has also previously lectured at Oxford, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin and Manchester Universities, has co-authored or been cited in numerous Clinical and Veterinary Research papers and is a member of The Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists. Regularly attends as well as teaches Post Grad CPD lectures and events e.g RVC Anaesthesia and Analgesia Course.

Current projects include working with The British Olympic Swimming Team with Pulse Oximetry, developing an automatic Blood Pressure System for Cats, an Oximetry system for the conscious monitoring of Veterinary patients, working on a new video Otoscope, and co-authoring several papers on Monitoring and Blood Pressure Monitoring. Studying the effect of hypoxia training loads on both human and equine athletes Investigating the effect of training and racing on a "Primal Diet".

In his spare time Mike enjoys bicycle racing, and has competed at World Masters level. He is currently ranked 7th in his age group nationally. In addition to this, he has a particular interests in animal welfare & wild animal and field anaesthesia, and has assisted in procedures on a wide range of animals from snow leopards to elephants.

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  • 1981 Left Sheffield having studied Applied Biology.
  • 1981-94 Experience working in Orthopaedics, Pharmaceuticals and then 8 years in Anaesthesia and Trauma Medicine.
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Trained.
  • Demonstrated latest Paediatric Life Support Techniques at European Resusitation Council Meeting, Vienna.
  • Lectured and taught Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation in Germany, Austria and UK.
  • Introduced Pulse Oximetry to UK Ambulance Services, changing the way Paramedics assess patients.
  • 1994 founded Thames Medical Ltd.
  • 1995 Introduced the first Veterinary Pulse Oximeter.
  • 1996 Designed and introduced in UK, Minipack 911 and 911S Emergency Services Blood Pressure Pulse Oximeter Monitors.
  • 1997 Designed and Built Tiger Veterinary Pulse Oximeter (1st and only UK built Veterinary Pulse Oximeter).
  • First person to monitor a mouse successfully with Pulse Oximetry (Newcastle University).
  • 1998 Oximetry Patent; a multi wavelength Pulse Oximeter to detect carbon monoxide, and/or sugars as well as oxygen in blood, real time non-invasively.
  • 1999 Patented Fire and Rescue Breathing Apparatus including Vital Signs Transmission via telemetry to avoid unnecessary deaths in fires.
  • 1999 Designed & Developed "reflectance"/transmission Oximetry Probe for use un obtrusively for Fire-fighters and Hazmat use.
  • 2000 Designed & Developed "reflectance"/transmission Rectal/cloacal Oximetry Probe specifically for birds and reptiles.
  • 2002 Set up Infra-Red remote temperature monitoring in Rodents for UK Government Home Office Study to reduce stress and trauma in temperature monitoring.
  • 2002 Designed & Developed Rat Blood Pressure Monitor.
  • 2003 Designed & Developed Mouse Blood Pressure Monitor.
  • 2003 Designed & Developed UK's No1 Blood Pressure system for Cats & Dogs the CAT Doppler™.
  • 2009 Helped develop the Veterinary software version of the VM-2500 Mainstream and Sidestream Capnographs
  • 2010 Three month sabbatical as volunteer in human Clinic, Malawi
  • 2011 Certificate in Wild Animal Capture and Chemical Restraint
  • 2013 Refined the CAT Doppler and introduced the new CAT+ and DOG+ Blood Pressure kits.

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