dopcentre - CAT+ Doppler Resource Centre

The CAT+ Doppler resource centre is our educational site for all things doppler. At Thames Medical, we pride ourselves on this compact and durable machine – it is one of the key pieces of kit that we produce and something that is vital for all veterinary practice.

This site is designed for vets, nurses, anaesthetists or veterinary students. We aim to provide great quality CPD training. As a result, during the current crisis we have decided to put as much of our knowledge online as possible. We are commited to helping medical professionals improve their knowledge and practical skills.

We’re passionate about high-quality equipment in veterinary practice and ensuring that our clients get the best out of their machines. We provide CPD training and excellent service and repairs – so if you’d like to talk to us about further training, give us a call today!

Doppler Equipment Guides

These videos show you how to care for your monitor and perform the basic maintenance required by the practice. regular maintenance is the easiest way that you can get consistent results out of your equipment.

CAT+ Doppler ‘9 Lives’ Stress Tests

Our CAT+ Doppler is TOUGH. We know, because we’ve tried breaking them in a number of different ways! If you’re in the market for a new Monitor, why not make it a CAT+ Doppler? You can be guaranteed it will last a long time!

Doppler Demonstrations

Demonstrations of the CAT+ Doppler on a patient to take blood pressure. We love hearing how our customers and colleagues are using them.

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