We specialise in Anaesthesia monitoring for Veterinary professionals, with an emphasis on doing things the right way.

We know that the most important part of any practice is the people who work there, and our aim is to support all veterinary professionals in being the best that they can be.
That’s why a large part of our work is in providing a fantastic aftersales support service, environmentally friendly repairs and dedicated CPD training resources that will help you improve your technique while reducing your environmental impact.
You can trust that we’ll never charge you for a new monitor when we can feasibly repair one, we’ll always look for ways to help you save money, and we’ll always put you and your patients first.

Our History

Thames Medical was founded in 1993 to introduce, sell and service innovative vital signs monitors specialising in the pre-hospital, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) field. One of the first products available was the revolutionary portable MiniPack 911 series of Blood Pressure/ Pulse Oximeter monitors, designed especially for paramedics on the move.

Since then we have extended into various fields and in particular the Veterinary field where we are known for introducing the first veterinary specific pulse Oximeter (1994) and more latterly with work particularly in the feline hypertension.

Various patents have been filed over the years including one for a multi wavelength pulse Oximeter, now used by and seeing life as the rainbow monitor from Masimo.

The last 25 years have brought challenges and changes to us all and Thames Medical today bears little or no resemblance to the company that started this journey. Veterinary medicine now provides us with 99% of our work and so we concentrate our research and development in this area with some fascinating, original research projects currently running. Our education and support divisions are also expanding and developing and we continue to thrive, applying the lessons learned to bring the latest safety innovations to our clients, making their lives easier and the ultimate end users of our products and services – the patients – lives safer and better.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help each and every one of our clients be the best they can be – so that we can help you deliver the best patient outcomes, every time. We have put our philosophy into three values which we try to exemplify in all aspects of our work:


Education is at the heart of what we do; we love improving confidence and understanding in anaesthesia and we get a thrill from making a real difference.

During the pandemic it has been impossible for us to provide our usual in-Practice, in-person training sessions.

That’s why we’ve created a free online E-Learning centre to help Veterinary professionals keep their anaesthesia skills up to scratch while CPD sessions are delayed.


Protecting the environment for everyone is our biggest passion.

Nobody becomes a Vet Professional without first having a love of animals and nature – so let us help you put environmentalism back into your day-to-day activities.

We’re focused on helping to build good habits in the industry that will help us all make a difference together.


Veterinary Medicine is a difficult profession. We know that; we’ve been supporting vets in the United Kingdom (and internationally) for over 25 years.

That’s why we want our clients to feel supported – not just with monitoring equipment, but with compassionate training, friendly service, budget-friendly options and an open dialogue, so that we can help you with your biggest concerns.

Empathy is also paramount for you in dealing with customers and their pets. We help you provide compassionate and caring services to ensure your customers get the most from you as a professional.

Our Environmental Commitments

We only have one world. We’re determined to protect it, and we want to help you do the same.

The environment is our biggest passion at Thames Medical. We love animals, we love nature, and we love working in an industry where that passion is shared. We’re striving to be environmental ambassadors for our customers and our industry – we want to set the example and if we all work together, imagine what we can achieve over time!

We’re working on a number of green solutions to help meet our commitments and to help you reach yours. We base everything we do on our three environmental principles:


Importing a product from the other side of the world creates a BIG carbon footprint. For those Practices who buy our products from abroad, we are often able to trouble-shoot by phone or video and will do our best to help you solve the issue remotely. However, should you have to send your unit to us for repair we will fix and return to you quickly and economically, utilising carbon-neutral shipping where possible.

We will always work with UK manufacturing where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. Our famous CAT+ Doppler has been manufactured in Wales since it’s initial inception, and will always be made here at home. For Veterinary Practices in the UK, this makes servicing and repairs simple, affordable and environmentally friendly.


We pride ourselves on our technical proficiency; we can repair just about anything, even some 20-year old CAT Dopplers! We are proud of this because we firmly believe that highly sophisticated, costly monitoring equipment should not be viewed as disposable.

When something breaks, we often throw it away and replace it without thinking too hard – but this brings extra cost, both to our pocket and to the environment (wasted components, carbon footprint, extra landfill, new plastic).

We believe we should fix what we can and only buy new when we need. If it makes more economical sense to repair your existing unit than buy a new one, that’s what we do. And we make sure that if a unit really is dead, the parts are recycled properly and won’t end up in landfill.


Many of the environmental issues we face in veterinary work are tied to daily routine activities – and some are unavoidable due to mimimising contamination risks (e.g. single-use plastics). But others like anaesthetic gases, are controllable and reducable.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have added free CPD to our website to help promote best practice while we are distanced. Our missing is to help veterinary professionals to reduce anaesthetic emissions and costs, hone skills and improve environmental mindfulness to ensure they are giving patients the best care while safeguarding the environment.

Environmental Projects and Resources




Check out our E-Learning centre where you will find all the online CPD resources that we offer.

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