Thames Medical was founded in 1993 to introduce, sell and service innovative vital signs monitors specialising in the pre-hospital, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) field. One of the first products available was the revolutionary portable MiniPack 911 series of Blood Pressure/ Pulse Oximeter monitors, designed especially for paramedics on the move.

Since then we have extended into various fields and in particular the Veterinary field where we are known for introducing the first veterinary specific pulse Oximeter (1994) and more latterly with work particularly in the feline hypertension.

Various patents have been filed over the years including one for a multi wavelength pulse Oximeter, now used by and seeing life as the rainbow monitor from Masimo.

The last 25 years have brought challenges and changes to us all and Thames Medical today bears little or no resemblance to the company that started this journey. Veterinary medicine now provides us with 99% of our work and so we concentrate our research and development in this area with some fascinating, original research projects currently running. Our education and support divisions are also expanding and developing and we continue to thrive, applying the lessons learned to bring the latest safety innovations to our clients, making their lives easier and the ultimate end users of our products and services – the patients – lives safer and better.