Covid -19 and the CAT Doppler

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The whole Covid-19 pandemic has made us all contemplate our lives – why do we do the things that we do? What makes us get up in the morning? How can I help the rest of the world, and what does all this actually mean?

Small Business, Big Reach

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Don’t forget, we do part exchange on many types of Doppler!

Many people look at the CAT Doppler as part of ‘the establishment’ – including the FDA ( The CAT is the blood pressure device of choice for USA drug trials involving blood pressure controlling drugs). But did you know the final tuning and testing is done by one lady called Linda, whose son has dreams of playing rugby for the Newport Dragons and Wales.

If you call the factory for whatever reason your call will probably be answered by Julie or Mary. Julie used to race triathlons, and would often run the six miles into work.

Sometimes you might even get to speak to Nick who, over the course of a year or so, walked the complete circumference of Wales. Nick is also the man who brought Mike’s ideas for the CAT doppler to fruition 23 years ago.

Proud of our Roots

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Next time you use your CAT Doppler, flip it over, there in pride of place on the battery cover is the Welsh Dragon – and it’s there for a reason. It is to remind us that we do what we do for a reason. We innovate, we support and we enable you to get the best possible data to treat your patients more effectively and we are proud of what we have achieved. We are only a small team of 9 in total – engineers, designer, sales, R&D. Some of our roles overlap, but we have a passion and a pride to do our best not just with the CAT Doppler but for all the other devices we build to help save lives.

We produced the first hand held foetal dopplers, the first ultrasound needle guidance system, the first pre-natal pulse oximeter, the first Aortic Embolism Detector, the first wind-up Doppler for Africa… the list goes on.

We are not a state subsidised Chinese company. We do not copy other companies designs and we do not flood the market with cheap, almost-disposable equipment that often cannot be repaired.

We love what we do and we do it for you.

The CAT Doppler is still made by hand in Wales, with pride, for you.

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