Don’t Let Blue Monday Get You Down

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Blue Monday is a time of year when we’re all feeling a little deflated. Those of us that stuck to the new year’s resolutions are in the process of adjusting to new, harsher habits. Those of us who have already broken them are despairing over our weak willpower. This year it will be even worse – that sense of early dread that this year is going to be another filled with trouble, trials and tribulations. We’ve been through such a bumpy ride throughout 2020 and it has not really ended on a high note. There’s plenty more COVID problems to deal with, although most were hoping for a clean start to the new year.

That’s why I wanted to share something on a more positive note, to remind us all that it’s always darkest before the dawn. There have been some definite silver linings to this pandemic (for example, we’ve all had a lot more time to consider what is truly important to us), and I think it’s important on this particularly dark day to remember what’s important:

There’s Always a Silver Lining

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If Lockdown is what’s getting you down, the best thing to do is think of the positives that it has brought with it. Whether it’s that you got to spend more time at home with your family, saved that £20-a-week pub budget, got really good at baking bread, finally fixed that shelf – there’s plenty to be thankful for from last year.

There’s definitely some good news to be had moving forward, too – there’s going to be plenty of time (hopefully later this year) to see family and friends, have parties, hug your loved ones. We only have to wait a bit longer.

Habits Take Time

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If it’s more the New Year’s Resolutions that are souring your mood, consider that it won’t happen right away. It’s not a strict rule to be followed to the letter. Instead, try to aim to have your new habit incorporated by the end of 2021. On average, it takes us 21 days to solidify a new habit or break an old one. That doesn’t mean that we will be good at said habit in that time.

If you’ve started running to improve your fitness this year, you might be used to running every day by now – but that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it, or be good at it. That often doesn’t happen for a little while longer, or maybe running isn’t for you. And that’s ok – you might need to pick an alternative habit that still helps you reach your goals. Cycling could be a better alternative, for example. But the most important thing to remember is that habits take time, and you’re not going to get there all at once. Keep it up!

Tech Is There To Help

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Technology is awesome. There’s a lot to be said about social media and mobile devices (both good and bad). But had COVID happened 20 years ago, we would only have had phone calls, basic email, maybe text messages at a push.

Nowadays, we have facetime, webcams, virtual reality, live streaming – the list is endless (not to mention incredibly reliable internet connections). Not only has this saved us personally with the ability to communicate and actually see our loved ones wherever they are, it’s also been the saving grace for a lot of businesses (Just think of all the digital CPD you’ve seen advertised this year!).

There’s never a good time for a pandemic. But the modern age has afforded us a flexibility that we may not have had even 10 years ago. While it will never be the same as in-person meetings, we are so lucky that we still have the opportunity to see our loved ones face-to-face. And who knows where virtual reality will take us in the next few years?

So whatever you do this blue Monday, try not to be blue. Focus on the positives of 2020 and 2021, and we’ll be back to normal in no time.

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