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Our famous CAT+ Doppler has been tested time and time again, always delivering accurate and reliable results in a package that is near impossible to break.

We’re the only manufacturer licenced and able to repair the doppler, so when you buy from Thames you can be sure that we will look after your monitor and make sure it stands the test of time.


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Refurbished CAT+ Doppler

Our refurbished CAT+ Dopplers are better for the environment and better for your pocket. Get the same top quality unit at a fraction of the price – and save some polar bears while you’re at it!

We’re committed to providing the same quality you expect in a brand new unit. To find out more about our refurbishment promise, click the link below:

Please note that Refurbished CAT+ Dopplers do not come as part of a kit.


CAT+ Doppler with Flat Probe


CAT+ Doppler with Pencil Probe


Puppy Doppler


Monitor Kits

EU Customer Notice: Please note we will not charge you VAT at the point of sale but you maybe subject to your countries VAT/sales tax at the point of entry to your country. You will be able to reclaim this back as usual.

CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit (UK)


CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit (EU)


CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit (USA)

CAT+ Doppler Mini Blood Pressure Kit



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All accessories shown are compatible with the CAT+ Doppler.