CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit


Meets the requirements for ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation.


Take the pressure out of Blood Pressure with the all British CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure System.

The CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit includes a manual, 2 photocell rechargeable batteries, a battery charger and appropriate cable, 1 bottle of Ultrasound gel, a set of JVC  headphones, a set of wipe clean blood pressure cuffs (size 2-5, also suitable for dogs) and of course the CAT+ Doppler.

Take advantage of our PART EXCHANGE programme and save up to £50!

Send us absolutely any make of doppler, even if it’s broken, and we will part exchange it. Offer applies to the CAT+ doppler as well as the full kit and Mini kit. Only applies to orders placed over the telephone on 01903 522 911.

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Your patients beating pulse
The CAT+ Doppler is the heart of the CAT+ BP kit, but you don’t have to have a whole kit to benefit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics many of our clients simply tape the CAT+ on and listen to their patients pulse during anaesthesia.

Why choose the CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure system
Whether measuring blood pressure in a clinic, in theatre or simply as a pulse quality monitor, the CAT+ gives you:

  • Improved patient safety
  • The reassurance to prescribe
  • An ability to track the efficacy of treatment
  • Helps improve clients compliance; They can see the effect of your treatment
  • Helps generate profits either as part of an ongoing screening program or as part of an anaesthetic fee
  • With user changeable batteries you CAT+ Doppler is always ready to go. . .no recharginging issues

It’s as easy as 123…
Simply prepare the fur over the pulse you want to use; tail , brachial, radial or even femoral.
1. Swab the fur with alcohol (it gets the oil out), and apply a dollop of ultrasound gel
2. Lightly tape the probe over the pulse
3. Switch on and adjust the volume to suit

Cat BP at Elston Vets 300x225 - CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure KitIf your patients BP, pulse rate, or quality of pulse changes you will immediately hear it.

Buy one today – receive it tomorrow, shipped straight from our factory in Wales or our offices in Worthing.

But what if we break it? No problem we designed it, and we make it, there is nothing we can’t fix quickly and cost effectively.

REMEMBER, you can also use your CAT+ Doppler for Blood Pressure determination or pulse quality monitoring during anaesthesia, as this article from Peter Dobromylsjy in Veterinary Practice explains.




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