Lutech Datalys V7


The Datalys V7 has an 12.1 inch colour touch screen and comes with five basic parameters for diagnostic and general monitoring. Optional parameters such as IBP, CO2, Multi-gas and printer are available upon request. The perfect addition to any veterinary office.



The Datalys V7 is an advanced vet multiparameter monitor designed for today’s veterinary needs.  The friendly, redesigned user interface offers a beautiful and clear, colour touch screen for displaying its accurate data and waveform, along with special software which enhances the sensitivity to pick up vitals from even small and exotic animals.

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The monitor is compatible with both our oesophageal ECG e-probes which are used to reduce the amount of wires attached to the animal during monitoring or surgery. We can also supply our custom made UYB sensor.

Available in both white and black.

Prices from £2400.00

Please enquire so we can match your exact specification.

Telephone: +44 1903 522911
Email: info@thamesmedical.com

Demonstration/ CPD

We have a slightly different approach to demonstrating these amazing multiparameter monitors in that we offer a certified CPD session for which we charge but if you then go ahead and purchase a V5 or V7, the CPD charges will be waived but you will still be given certificates for all members of staff who attend. These bespoke in house sessions are delivered by Mike Brampton, where he is able to ascertain the level of knowledge from your team and bring everyone up to speed on the details ie capnography, and what the numbers mean and what to do when they change.  Mike will also go live in theatre, gently guiding and supporting your team on the safe use of the Lutech monitors with your patients and be on hand in the background, to answer and questions that may arise.  What this means is that you have two to three hours CPD and a chance to play with the Lutech monitors and to get a feel for them with minimal disruption to the practices’ day.

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 “Fantastic opportunity to discuss the correct use of the equipment along with many hints and tips and to encourage the team to use the equipment more frequently.”

“Good speaker with an easy going teaching style. Relaxed, informal session with plenty of opportunity for questions to be asked.”

“Very clear and informative with simple explanations. Great to have a patient connected to the monitor and being able to go through the readings and why they were happening. He really knows his products!”

“Great demonstration of both machines. Very patient in letting everyone become comfortable with the equipment and build confidence.”

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