Tail and Leg CAT+ Cuffs


CAT+ Cuffs, made to our specification, kind to your patients these cuffs are soft, supple and wipe clean.

the cuffs fit 95% of cats, are made of supersoft latex-free material, and provide accurate readings for your patients.


The Tail and Leg CAT+ Cuffs are supersoft latex-free “Hokanson style” cuffs, designed to fit on the tail or forelimb of your patient.

The cuffs fit 95% of cats’ forelimb or tail giving the critical 40-50% cuff width to limb circumference ratio for accuracy.

The cuffs close with a firm Velcro closure, so no “popping off” can occur – improving reading accuracy.

Supersoft latex-free bladder for ultimate comfort and control.

Compatible with all Thames Medical BP systems with male Luer connector, plug in and go.

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Weight 0.1 kg

Tail, Leg