Does your unit need to be serviced or repaired?

We never knowingly sell anything we cannot service, support, or repair.

If you are experiencing problems with your product, simply send us your unit for service/repair, along with a completed Return Form, or if you need advice simply give us a call on 01903 522911.

We will contact you in writing within 24 hrs of receipt to advise of any work required, costs, and request permission to go ahead.

Decontamination! We are not saying your equipment is dirty; decontamination is necessary to protect our staff from unknown contamination and to avoid cross-contamination between products that are being serviced in our facilities. (BS EN ISO 13485:2016). Please make sure you review the decontamination declaration on the returns form before returning your product for service or repair.

Click here to download a Returns Form

This MUST be completed and sent to us with your product.

Diagnose Your Doppler

Have you been having issues with your CAT+ Doppler?

Check out our diagnostic tool to see if there’s a quick fix. If not, we’ll let you know the most likely problem and give you the option to book a callback with one of our engineers.

Pre-Sales Consultancy

Selecting the correct product is essential and identifying the potential issues that will need to be dealt with is paramount. For example, what is the price and availability of replacement sensors? Many monitors today have lots of seemingly attractive built-in features e.g. temperature. However, do you really want to use your operating theatre Pulse Oximeter to measure temperature in your ITU kennel?


Since our inception, we decided on the philosophy that it was far better to understand fully a limited range of products than to have limited knowledge of many. This is why we specialise in monitors and monitoring and why we can answer sometimes difficult, clinical problems in a professional manner. We are proud of the close working relationship we have with the Veterinary Colleges and some of the top people in their fields which enables us to learn and use the knowledge gained to help our other clients.


It is the responsibility of our staff to convert all of the work undertaken in the pre-sales phase into a fully supported and working system. Whether you work in a large or small animal practice or specialise in exotics, our trained and dedicated team are there to support you and your patients.


We offer expert on-site training* on all of the monitors we supply and remember, we manufacture most of them! We believe that the patient comes first, to which end, when we train people in the use of our monitors we train “hands-on”, in the field with real patients. This allows us to give a level of training unmatched in our industry, as well as giving us a unique insight into any problem areas or difficulties faced daily by our customers. We can rectify a situation and solve problems to make our customers’ lives easier and enable them to deliver the level of care to their patients that we all aspire to.

* UK and Ireland only.


Our highly trained team of dedicated support staff are on hand five days a week to ensure that your vital monitoring systems are always fully operational. Regardless of whether your question is clinical or technical our staff are just a phone call away.


For us, our commitment to the customer is just beginning with the sale! Our quality assured workshops and manufacturing facility service a wide range of patient monitors from a variety of customers and serve as the European service and warranty centre for several manufacturers.

We deal with every aspect of service and repair and can even on special request, customise certain monitors. In line with our ISO 9001 procedures, our Service Department is equipped to deal with any monitoring emergency and can offer a 24-hour turnaround for most monitors sold by the Thames Medical group. We hold stocks of all spare parts and can affect board level repairs, which means that no matter what the problem is, we can keep your monitor fully operational.

Our design and modification abilities come from over 30 years of combined experience, not only in the service of life support equipment but also from years of “hands-on” experience. We enjoy and believe in the work we do and share the goal of innovating new concepts in service and support. Our goal is to build a trustworthy partnership with you, our customers