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Say hello to our eco-friendly, cost-effective, hassle-free monitor service program for CAT+ Doppler users. All for £25.00 a month.

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Designed for Vets, Pets and the Planet

For years, the CAT+ Doppler has been the front-runner in blood pressure monitoring – giving reliable, repeatable results that you can have confidence in. We take enormous pride from knowing that there are 16-year-old+ units out there, still giving good service!

Sometimes things do break. But with the CAT+ we can service, repair or replace just about every component – how green is that?!

When shock events like Covid-19 come along, you face unexpected cost; your repair/replacement budgets can be frozen, leaving you frustrated and unable to look after your patients as well as you would like, and with loss of revenue.

CATDoppler - Green CAT+ Doppler Plan


Our Doppler Exchange Program

If you’ve got a doppler from another manufacturer, you can still take advantage of the Green CAT+ Doppler Plan by exchanging your monitor for cash with us today!

Why Should I Sign Up?

Our primary concern as a business is making what we do sustainable. That means looking after the environmental concerns, but also ensuring that what we offer actively benefits our customers. We’re a community of dedicated professionals and we want to make a service that benefits everyone. Simple as that!
Here’s a list of the top benefits you’ll receive:

Although you get two services (including one full refurbishment) throughout your two-year contract, we know sometimes this won’t be enough. All members get a 15% discount on any additional repairs or refurbishments that your monitor needs during the contract.

We also give you 15% discount on spares and labour outside of the Green CAT project, so if you have a Viamed monitor with us (such as one of our VM-2500 Capnographs), we can discount repair on that monitor too!

One of the biggest benefits is improved planned preventative maintenance.

There’s no unexpected bills if your CAT suffers a mishap outside of it’s scheduled service – we can bring the service forwards to cover the accident.

Always have your kit in tip-top condition and ready to go, leaving staff to focus on their patients rather than equipment mishaps.

Our biggest concern is the environment and what we can do to ensure environmental safeguarding as a business.

We can help you stick to your environmental goals as a practice. The CAT Doppler is made here in the UK, meaning there is a greatly reduced carbon footprint in getting our products to you.

We do our best to repair every piece of kit that we are sent (including competitor’s models) and will never try and exchange you on something that could reasonably be fixed. Recycling, reusing and refurbishing are core principles of our business and we’ll do everything we can to prevent unnecessary waste in landfill.

We are also part of a WEEE approved recycling scheme so that we can safely and sustainably recycle anything that we’re unable to fix. The recycling program usually costs £55 per unit – we’ll cover this cost for you.

Our Green CAT members are considered priority customers – we’ll always give you your attention first!

We have a dedicated helpline for members so that you can get quick and easy advice on what to do when things go wrong.

We’re committed to helping our Green CAT members stay at the top of their game, and will do all that we can to keep you running smoothly in the case of an equipment malfunction.

Our Green CAT program offers you all this for a monthly payment plan of £23.50, split over 24 months. The only other thing we charge for is an initial refurbishment (if your CAT requires one before the program starts) or additional repairs outside those already included in the plan. In both cases, you receive 15% off as a Green CAT Member.



2-Year Cost Comparison


£500.00 Exc. VAT Total
£ 25.00 Monthly (Inc. VAT)
  • Level 1 Service in 1st Year
  • Level 2 Service in 2nd Year
  • 15% Discount on additional CAT+ Doppler or Viamed Repair/Servicing
  • Environmentally Friendly Shipping
  • Dedicated Support Line
  • Priority Customer
25% Discount


£668.00 Exc. VAT Total
£ 668.00 Total
  • Based on like-for-like usage with Green CAT Customers
  • Non-priority Customer
  • No 15% Discount applied
  • All costs paid at point of sale

How Does It Work?

In the first year, we will schedule a Level 1 Service. This covers any minor damage to the Battery Connectors, Loudspeakers, Headphone Socket, Volume Control of the On/Off switch.

In the second year, we will schedule a Level 2 Service. This is where we practically refurbish your CAT+ Doppler.

This includes everything we do in a Level 1 Service, but also replace the probe and cable if necessary – making your CAT+ Doppler as good as the day you bought it!

Year 1

Year 2

  • Battery Connectors
  • Loudspeakers
  • Headphone Socket
  • Volume Control
  • On/Off Switch






  • 4x Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • 2x Replacement Batteries





  • Shipping








  • All Items Included in Level 1 Service
  • New Probe
  • New Probe Cable






  • 4x Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • 2x Replacement Batteries





  • Shipping









Our Promise

We’ll help you make the most of your kit so that you can focus on your patients. We’re proud of the service we offer and love to help vets excel at their work.

We're Cost-Effective

As an independent business that has worked alongside veterinary professionals for over 25 years, we know that using anaesthetic equipment can be expensive.

The initial purchase can be huge and with repairs, disposables, batteries – it can become overwhelming. We have simplified our costs to suit any practice budget and reduce the arrival of unexpected repair bills.

We also offer a part-exchange service which can help you reduce costs further. For further information, check out our exchange policy as we even accept some of our competitor’s products.

We Offer No-Fuss Maintenance

We know that you’re busy, and that your time is valuable.

Nobody wants to be doing those annoying tasks like remembering to book an annual service for the practice equipment – especially when you have so many patients who need your utmost attention. We automate your regular services, leaving you more time to focus on the important things.

We Help You Make A Difference

Sustainability and recycling are key to protecting the planet and reducing climate change. As the manufacturer of the CAT+ Doppler we are uniquely placed to help our community do something to help.

If enough members of our CAT community stand forwards we can afford to make things happen and make a difference. Over the last 22 years we have built a community of over 6,500 CAT+ Doppler users and we believe we can start to make a difference. Often we can recycle, re-use or even re-purpose the parts of the equipment we produce.


Welcome To Our Community

Become part of our network and say hello to the new way of purchasing and maintaining equipment


Servicing, Repairs and Refurbishments

No problem; simply send your CAT to us as normal and we can bring the next scheduled service forwards in your plan to cover you. This means you won’t have to pay any upfront fees for accidents.

No problem; we will give you a priority service, assess the damage and give you 15% off the costs of parts and labour to get you back on track.

No problem; we can either bring the appropriate service forward to cover this, or we will give you a 15% discount on the repair (to bring the CAT up to scratch) and then put you on the Program. (If paying for the repair up-front, you will retain both scheduled services for your CAT).

Payments and Contracts

The 15% Discount will cover any associated CAT+ Doppler products – for example if you require additional cuffs, batteries or an out-of-sequence repair we will discount this automatically for our Green CAT Customers.

We will also give you a 15% discount on any Viamed products and services that you may require from us, for example if you own a VM-2500 Capnograph Pulse Oximiter, we will also discount any peripherals or repairs for these machines too.

Yes, we use FuturePay from WorldPay. WorldPay recognise that security is one of the major concerns for the shopper during an online transaction.

We use state of the art security tools and techniques to ensure that you are protected against online fraud. An online purchase with WorldPay is probably more secure than a card transaction conducted in a shop, over the telephone or by fax – because WorldPay ensure that your online purchase details are encrypted using complex logarithms.

For more information about WorldPay online security, visit the WorldPay website at www.worldpay.com.

Yes, but the remaining charges (FuturePay) would still be due and cannot be cancelled until either:

  • all 24 payments have been made
  • the outstanding balance of the agreement is paid in full.