Gold-Standard Support for Gold-Standard Monitors

Say hello to our all-inclusive service program for Lutech Datalys V5 and V7 users.

Save Money

Save Time

Save The Planet

Everything You Need, Without The Hassle

Finding a solution to monitor problems can take significant amounts of time and expense, as well as causing interruptions to services and surgeries.

Through the Lutech Service Program, we become your strategic partner by taking care of your Lutech equipment completely. The comprehensive agreement with Thames Medical offers you a discounted package that ensures your monitor stays at top condition with minimal downtime during service.

The Program Includes:

  • Annual Service
  • 1 Year Supply of Airway Adapters
  • 1 Year Supply of Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Free Courier Service (Collect and Deliver)
  • Free Eco-Friendly Recycling
  • Loaner Unit for when your Monitor is with us
  • Priority Customer Status
  • 15% Discount on any additional products and services from Thames Medical and 50% Discount on CPD sessions


Monthly or Annual Payments: Choose What's Best For You

We want to make our service plans suitable for any practice budget – that’s why we offer monthly or annual payments for our service plans. Simply select the option you would prefer at confirmation.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Our primary concern as a business is making what we do sustainable. That means looking after the environmental concerns, but also ensuring that what we offer actively benefits our customers. We’re a community of dedicated professionals and we want to make a service that benefits everyone. Simple as that!
Here’s a list of the top reasons to join our Lutech Service Program:

– Free courier service for the return of the monitor for the annual service.

– Reduced chance of unexpected repairs bills with well-maintained equipment.

– Paid in affordable monthly DD’s/automated credit card payments to keep your expenditure down, saving money. Annual one-time payment also available.

– 15% discount on all other repairs/parts and labour for the covered equipment during the term of the Plan.

– Maintaining your anaesthetic monitoring equipment in top condition means it will be accurate and reliable, improving the safety and care of your patients.

– Trusting your equipment and guaranteeing its accuracy, allows you to use less anaesthetic gases, safely – Reducing GA gases, reducing your costs.

– Peace of mind, knowing that you can send your monitor to us at any time for the annual service or for other repairs during the year, at discounted rates (see below).

– Loaner unit available for the period of the scheduled service (cannot be guaranteed for other events or emergencies but we will do our best).

– Electrical waste is a huge problem and is only going to get worse. 50 million tonnes of it is generated every year and this figure is likely to hit 110 million by 2050, when it will be the fastest growing waste stream in the world. We all have a responsibility to tackle this and even though we are a small industry, baby-steps will count.

– Reducing freight costs will also help to cut carbon emissions so with well-maintained equipment, we should reduce the amount of returns for faults.

– Safe and legal disposal by us, for you, of any parts which we cannot rescue. This is a legal requirement (WEEE Regulations) for which there is a fee, covered by your plan.

– Trusting your equipment and guaranteeing its accuracy, allows you to use less anaesthetic gas, safely – Reducing GA gases, reducing the cost to the environment.


Our Promise

We’ll help you make the most of your kit so that you can focus on your patients. We’re proud of the service we offer and love to help vets excel at their work.

We're Cost-Effective

As an independent business that has worked alongside veterinary professionals for over 25 years, we know that using anaesthetic equipment can be expensive.

The initial purchase can be huge and with repairs, disposables, batteries – it can become overwhelming. We have simplified our costs to suit any practice budget and reduce the arrival of unexpected repair bills.

We also offer a part-exchange service which can help you reduce costs further. For further information, check out our exchange policy as we even accept some of our competitor’s products.

We Offer No-Fuss Maintenance

We know that you’re busy, and that your time is valuable.

Nobody wants to be doing those annoying tasks like remembering to book an annual service for the practice equipment – especially when you have so many patients who need your utmost attention. We automate your regular services, leaving you more time to focus on the important things.

We Help You Make A Difference

Sustainability and recycling are key to protecting the planet and reducing climate change. As a manufacturer of veterinary monitoring equipment we are uniquely placed to help our community do something to help.

If enough members of our CAT community stand forwards we can afford to make things happen and make a difference. Over the last 22 years we have built a community of over 6,500 CAT+ Doppler users and we believe we can start to make a difference. Often we can recycle, re-use or even re-purpose the parts of the equipment we produce.


Welcome To Our Community

Become part of our network and say hello to the new way of purchasing and maintaining equipment