Training and CPD

We offer expert training for all the monitors that we supply. We'll help you gain a detailed understanding of your monitor and help your team sharpen their anaesthetic skills.

Training and CPD

We manufacture most of the monitors we supply, giving us unique insights into how they work and how you can get the best results and life out of them. We want to share that knowledge with all our clients to help deliver the best care possible for all patients.

We believe that the patient comes first, to which end, we train people in the use of our monitors using a “hands-on” approach, in the field with real patients. This allows us to give a level of training unmatched in our industry, as well as giving us a unique insight into any problem areas or difficulties that you as a practice face daily.

Individual CPD Session - £655

CPD Session or Training session on the monitor of your choice. Contact us on +44 1903 522911 to arrange.

Online Resources

Our online library of online CPD. All our online resources are free.

Free Downloads

Lost the manual? You'll find documents and replacement guides available for free download here.


Lutech Care Plan Member's Discount

Members of the Lutech Care Plan are entitled to a half-price CPD session once a year. If you are a member of the plan, please contact us to arrange your CPD session.