The Capnography Field Guide:

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Capnography and Reading Waveforms​

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need To Understand Your Capnograph

It’s tough, pocket-sized and perfect for use in theatres.

The Guide contains everything that you need to know about the wonderful art of capnography – from detailed scientific explanations to practical hands-on tips to make your readings more effective.

Designed For Theatres

The guide is waterproof, greaseproof, tearproof and chemical resistant.

It doesn’t matter if you spill something on it, or drop it in the sink, or accidentally send it through the washing machine in your scrubs pocket – it can survive almost any mishap!

High-Quality Content

Filled with in-depth diagrams, waveform examples and visual aids.

The diagrams are unbranded and apply to all capnographs – not just our own models. Even if your capnograph came from another supplier, this guide will still be useful. (Although, you should consider getting one of our capnographs, too!)

pg 23 teaser - The Capnography Field Guide
Paul Flecknell grid - The Capnography Field Guide

I like the guide, it brings together key information on pulmonary physiology, relies it to capnography, and then gives some very clear examples of the different waveforms. It would have been useful to have sitting with the capnographs at Newcastle University!

Prof. Paul Flecknell


Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University & Anaesthesia Specialist

Environmentally Conscious

We’re an environmentally focused business and we want everything we product to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Each Field Guide is produced using high-quality recyclable paper, and it is bound with a simple metal spiral edge – meaning 100% of it can be recycled.

(But seriously, we can’t think of a reason you would you want to get rid of it!)

Connects With Online Resources

The guide connects with a library of digital resources, including animated versions of the waveform examples, video demonstrations of readings and much more! Simply scan the QR codes you’ll find throughout the guide to see more content, or click the link below to check out the full library of resources!

macbook pro imac with black ipad mini in front view mockup a11884 - The Capnography Field Guide
alexdugdale cg nov2017 orig - The Capnography Field Guide

I love this little book. Thoughtfully produced in vet-resistant (yet recyclable) materials and accompanied by an online library of animated waveforms! I’ve not shown my nurses yet… I’m not sure I’ll get it back afterwards!

Dr. Alex Dugdale


Anaesthesia Specialist & Co-author of "Veterinary anaesthesia: Principles to practice"