The Constipated Goldfish and the CAT Doppler go Viral

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The story of the Goldfish and the CAT Doppler was an interesting way to start the New Year 2015, as the story from Toll Barn Vet hit the headlines. It seems the local paper called Toll Barn asking about their 1st year in business and then ran a highlight article, including the Goldfish.

fish2 - The Constipated Goldfish and the CAT Doppler go Viral
This time round it must have met a slow news day, because it was picked up by the UK print media network, but soon to follow came the local radio, then the BBC, then the Independent TV networks followed.

At the time of writing it is spreading across America and should soon hit the Far East and Australasia.

The story has raised hackles as well as congratulations and is an interesting debating point over fees and the incredible value vets offer even if the general public spoiled by subsidized medical care don’t all see it that way, as well as Animal Welfare as reported in the Guardian.

Whichever way you view it, it is a super story and fabulous publicity and fortunately so far no one has inquired into the mind behind such a device as the CAT Doppler where it came from or why it even exists. Maybe if they read Brain Salad Surgery, but then again maybe not.

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