Our Renewed Commitment to the Environment

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The Covid-19 situation has shown us so many unexpected revelations – clean beaches, clear skies, reduced pollution, petrol at under a £1 a litre with no-where to go…

But what it has really highlighted to us here at Thames Medical is just how much we love Planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants – especially the animals, right!?

Our Commitments

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We have decided to introduce new environmental policies and put our money where our mouth is – which will help us help you to be environmentally friendly too!

In our industry we all have to use a lot of single-use plastics – syringes, drip bags, even the hubs on needles… and how many of them do we use a day? It’s unavoidable in the name of sterility. But did you know that there is also quite a lot of plastic in anaesthetic monitors and other equipment we use daily? Fortunately these are not disposable and we can make sure that they lat as long as possible and remain accurate. And then, if the worst happens, we can make sure that we can recycle everything possible, ensuring the smallest amount of plastic ends up in landfill. 

Repairs Program

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We hate seeing an expensive piece of kit thrown out. We will always attempt to refurbish and repair any monitor, even if we didn’t manufacture it and we won’t try to sell you a new monitor if we can repair it.

If you would like to get in touch about our repairs program and what we can do for you, please use the contact information below to give us a call.

Exchange Program

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Sometimes, though, it’s not possible to make a repair. In cases like this, we have an exchange program where you could get up to £100 for your current monitor towards a brand new one with Thames Medical. All of our equipment is UK-Made and durability tested – check out our CAT+ Doppler Stress Test videos if you need further proof! (check our list of monitor exchange values below to see how much you could get for yours)

Please be aware that we won’t always be able to exchange a monitor  but we are absolutely committed to recycling – so we will still take your older monitor and make sure it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way with no charge (yes, there are charges for equipment disposal, which we will pay.) 

Click Here for Exchange Program Details

Click Here for Contact Information

Click here to visit our facebook page, to keep up to date with news and events.

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