The Capnography Resource Centre Launch

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There’s never been a worse time to train your staff. As a company that offers CPD sessions, trust me – we’ve felt the sting. We know this also means that several of our customers who we had booked for sessions over the next six months will not be able to get the on-hand training that they need until the situation improves. Thankfully, we have a solution that can help to fill the gap – and hopefully keep you all entertained. Introducing: The Capnography Resource Centre!

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The Project

We’ve spent the last two months putting together a capnography resource centre for vets and nurses. Our original aim was to produce an online portal where veterinary professionals can come to brush up on their knowledge, explore example waveforms and look up best practice and guidelines on how to effectively use the kit. Given the current situation, we feel that our project has come at the best possible time. The resource centre is completely free and gives an in-depth look at Capnography as a whole, as well as specific points such as differences in waveforms, the best way to interpret monitor data, detailed insights into best practice/equipment setup and numerous examples of patient management.

41025 137181472990884 7952916 n - The Capnography Resource Centre Launch

The Prizes

In addition to our resource centre, we have also created a Capnography Waveform Quiz, so that you can test your knowledge on the subject and win some exciting prizes. If you can score 7/10 or higher, you will automatically be entered into our prize draw. We have a number of our funky-coloured stethoscopes to give away! And the best part is you can take the test as many times as you like…

We’d love to hear your opinion too. If you think there’s any way that we can improve our resource centre, please send any feedback in an email to

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