IVC Invest in the Environment with Brand New Lutech Datalys V7s

Mike at Moorview - IVC Invest in the Environment with Brand New Lutech Datalys V7s

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IVC Referral Centre Moorview Vets has just invested in 6 of the latest and most advanced multiparameter monitors from Thames Medical, the Lutech V7. This investment improves the accuracy of anaesthetic data and safety for patients (especially those under 10kg), improves staff safety, and reduces greenhouse gas levels.

By introducing the Lutech mainstream capnographs, Moorview Vets will now be able to monitor all patients safely and accurately, particularly those below 10kg which are difficult to monitor accurately using other more traditional sidestream capnographs.

The touch screen Lutech V7’s were equipped with the latest low dead space mainstream capnography, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry and the revolutionary Oesophageal ECG/Temperature probes to make life easier for the anaesthetists. The Lutech V7 will also enable them to safely reduce fresh gas flows and correspondingly reduce waste from unused anaesthetic agents by using low flow “closed-circuit” anaesthetic techniques.

Lutech V7 Black and White 1024x576 - IVC Invest in the Environment with Brand New Lutech Datalys V7s
The Lutech Datalys V5 and V7 are available in Ice White and Midnight Black.

Reducing Greenhouse gasses

This ground-breaking move by IVC to equip to this level of sophistication not only helps improve patient comfort and safety, it also makes a bold statement about protecting the environment. Anaesthetic gases like Isoflurane and Sevoflurane can make up to 35% of a practice’s carbon footprint, so a reduction makes a massive impact compared to other green initiatives.

Mike Brampton, Managing Director of Thames Medical and author of the Capnography Field Guide said: “The use of capnography is critical in anaesthesia. It not only helps assess the patient’s cardiorespiratory function, but it also helps the anaesthetic team spot equipment failure or leaks. Mainstream capnography allows accuracy even in smaller patients outside the range of other capnographs.

The use of a capnograph also facilitates a safe reduction in the volume of anaesthetic agent released into the atmosphere, which is particularly important because of the high greenhouse gas potency of these agents.”

Mike at Moorview - IVC Invest in the Environment with Brand New Lutech Datalys V7s
MD Mike Brampton demonstrating the new Lutech Datalys V7 for Moorview Vets

How We Can Help Your Practice

We help practices by providing the latest high tech multiparameter monitors, the Lutech V5 and V7. Our Lutech equipment is fully customisable to suit your needs and can be purchased with a comprehensive Lutech Care Plan – keeping your Datalys in tip-top condition with a full service, internal cleaning and recalibration every year – as well as a supply of disposables, dedicated telephone support lines, a free loaner unit during maintenance, and discounts on all Thames Medical products.

If you would like to explore the options we have available for the customisable Lutech V7 & V5 please click the button below to visit our product page.

Our Lutech lease program could bring your cost down to just a few pounds a week. The plans are designed to help all practices invest in high-tech monitors that help safely reduce their anaesthetic gas usage and emissions while providing more accurate readings. The lease can be completely customized to suit your budget and needs.

If you’d like to enquire about the lease, give us a call today on +44 01903 522911 or email info@thamesmedical.com for more information.

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