Our Drive to Net Zero

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Thames Medical are thrilled to announce that the next phase on their drive to net zero has just arrived – an all electric vehicle. “We travel a lot over the course of a year to help with practice installs, deliver CPD and attend conferences and lectures. The reduction in our carbon emissions will be substantial,” said MD Mike Brampton.

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Mike says that whilst it is taking some time for him personally to adjust to overnight charging, he is sure that it is the right thing to do and that one of his electronic boffins will help him with the charging app.

This is the latest phase in the company’s drive to net-zero and whilst they are already helping practices safely reduce their anaesthetic greenhouse gas emissions with the Lutech range of multiparameter monitors, Mike says he wants to go even further and is looking to turn attention to “single-use” plastics in capnographs next.

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Over the last 8 years, Thames Medical has made great strides in order to keep the company as green as possible. From cycle to work schemes, energy-efficient offices, and changes in company culture, they have always tried to push the envelope on ways to help the environment. “As a company working in the healthcare sector, it’s very important to us that we take all measures to protect the environment,” said Mike Brampton. “We share the goals and aims of the One Health Movement, and as a business and manufacturer, we know that it’s our responsibility to make our process as green as possible. We will always do whatever we can to reduce our environmental impact.”

If you’d like to keep up to date with our drive towards net zero, you can read about our environmental policies here, or follow us on Facebook to get all our latest updates.

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