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Our refurbished CAT+ Dopplers are better for the environment and better for your pocket. Get the same top quality unit at a fraction of the price – and save some polar bears while you’re at it!

Our Refurbishment Promise

Every Thames Certified Refurbished CAT+ Doppler completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new CAT+ Dopplers. Your refurbished device is truly “like new”, but with special savings of up to 30%. For more information on our refurbished guarantee, please check out our certified refurbished guarantees here!

We want to help reduce unnecessary waste and keep it from damaging our precious ecosystem. Instead of sending broken units directly to landfill, we reclaim any and all components that are still useable and refurbish damaged and broken units back to their former glory. Our refurbished units are the eco-friendly and cost effective way to get your hands on the best doppler on the market!

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cat friendlyweb - Refurbished CAT+ DopplerMeets the requirements for ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation.

This small easy to use flat probe doppler is the heart of the CAT+ Blood Pressure kit, but you don’t have to have a whole kit to benefit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics many of our clients simply tape the CAT+ on and listen to their patients pulse during anaesthesia.

Buy one today – receive it tomorrow shipped straight from our factory in Wales or our offices in Worthing.

Features and General Use

You can quietly listen to the quality and rhythm of your patients pulse not a harsh ‘beep beep’ but the reassuring natural sound of ‘whoosh whoosh’!.

Features of the CAT+ Doppler are:

  • Small unobtrusive unit
  • High sensitivity flat probe, perfect to easily find small veins and arteries
  • Easy clean sealed probe
  • Easy to adjust volume control makes listening pleasant
  • Headphones socket for those times you only want you to hear
  • 3 year warranty (1 year probe)
  • Also available with battery recharger kit

Why choose the CAT+ Doppler
Whether measuring blood pressure in a clinic, in theatre or simply as a pulse quality monitor, the CAT+ gives you:

  • Improved patient safety
  • The reassurance to prescribe
  • An ability to track the efficacy of treatment
  • Helps improve clients compliance They can see the effect of your treatment
  • Helps generate profits either as part of an ongoing screening program or as part of an anaesthetic fee

Why buy a refurbished CAT+ Doppler

Buying refurbished units is better for the environment and better for your pocket. So many monitors end up in landfill simply because one component is broken and most suppliers would rather sell you on a complete new unit than repair your old one. We wanted to help reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, so we take broken units and restore them to their former glory.

This helps keep unnecessary plastic out of landfill, and means that you can still get the best doppler on the market but for a much better price.

We’ll even supply a 12-month warranty with your unit as we’re confident that our refurbished units are as good as buying new.

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