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Our most advanced monitor yet. Each monitor is built custom to order, so that it contains exactly what your practice requires. With options for over 11 connections, it's the only monitor that you'll ever need.

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Simply read through our available options, and make your selections using the form at the bottom of the page. We will be in touch shortly after to confirm your purchase.

Step 1

Select Base Model

Step 2

Select Finish, Configure Capnograph*

Step 3

Extra Connections and Accessories

Step 4

Select Care Plan

* Capnography is not available on the Lutech Basic range.

Step one

Select Base Model

SUB 3366 - Build Your Lutech
SUB 3366 - Build Your Lutech
SUB 3366 - Build Your Lutech
Lutech Basic
  • ECG - Heart Rate (HR) and Respiration Rate
  • NIBP
  • SpO2
  • Temp x2 (F or C)
  • Printer (Optional Extra)
Lutech Capnography
  • Everything Included In Basic
  • EtCO2 and Respiration Rate
  • Mainstream OR Sidestream Available
Lutech Performance
  • Everything Included In Basic and Capnography
  • Anaesthetic Agent (Insp/Exp)
  • IBP
  • Cardiac Output
  • Printer (Optional Extra)

Step Two

Select Finish, Configure Capnograph

FINISH Options

SUB 3402 V5W scaled - Build Your Lutech

Ice White V5

8.4" Screen, White Finish, Blue Trim

SUB 3402 - Build Your Lutech

Midnight Black V5

8.4" Screen, Black Finish, Blue Trim

SUB 3369 - Build Your Lutech

Ice White V7

12.1" Screen, White Finish, Blue Trim

SUB 3366 - Build Your Lutech

Midnight Black V7

12.1" Screen, Black Finish, Blue Trim

Capnograph Options

low2 - Build Your Lutech

Sidestream Capnograph

Best option for non-intubated and patients over 10kg. Recommended for large animal practice.

c02 mainstream sensor - Build Your Lutech

Mainstream Capnograph

Best option for accuracy and speed on patients under 10kg. Recommended for small animal practice.

Step Three

Extra Connections and Accessories

Extra Connections

UYB Sensor - Build Your Lutech

UYB Sensor

Track your patients SpO2 easily, quickly, cleanly. Simply cover the sensor and pop it in, or if you don’t want to insert it, lay it on (reptiles excepted, their skin filters the oximeters infra red which may lead to erroneous low readings if used externally). The UYB can be used in a wide range of sites - any well perfused capillary bed with minimal pigmentation and accessible (nasal passage, ear canal, gum/lip margin, between the toes and of course Cloaca and rectum).

Lutech E Probe - Build Your Lutech

E-Probes Pack

The E-Probe (Oesophageal ECG and Temperature) Introducing the revolutionary and easy to use E-Probe giving you both temperature and ECG leads I, II and III (select your choice via the monitor menu). One lead easily attached, it slides down the oesophagus and gives you data in seconds. No tangled wires across the patient, one lead simply applied.

Mounts and Brackets

image - Build Your Lutech

Roll Stand

Rolling stand with extra storage for Lutech Monitors.

uchwyt scienny wall mount do kardiomonitorow lutech - Build Your Lutech

Wall Bracket

Fixed wall bracket with storage for Lutech Monitors.

Step Four

Select Lutech Care Plan

The Lutech Care Plan is our all-inclusive plan that keeps your lutech in top condition with regular services, loaner units, free disposables and more. Never pay for unexpected breakdown again, and rest easy in the knowledge that your monitor is always operating at peak performance.

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